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Misk Art Week 2020

Misk Art Week (MAW), the flagship annual initiative from Misk Art Institute, returns for its fourth edition this week (37 December). An engaging platform that fosters creativity, Misk Art Week aims to encourage critical thinking and problem solving, with a positive impact on the creative community. For the first time, both Saudi and international audiences will have the opportunity to engage with the program as it takes on a new hybrid format both physically at the home of Misk Art Institute, Prince Faisal bin Fahd Fine Arts Hall, Riyadh and online.

With the theme of ‘Culture Re-cultivated’ this year’s Misk Art Week features 65+ pre-eminent experts in the field of arts and culture, architecture and entrepreneurship, with a diverse program of panel discussions, keynote presentations, masterclasses, workshops, film screenings, exhibitions and roundtable conversations.

Misk Art Institute also launches its first annual Art Grant to support and promote Saudi artists. The debut batch of grantees will unveil their work in a group exhibition during Misk Art Week.

Misk Art Institute also presents additional programming alongside Misk Art Week: an outdoor commission by Nawaf AlNassar, Interior Designer and Founder of 3d Jeddah, which takes inspiration from the historical town of Ad Diriyah.

Safouh Naamani: Preserving Time, a special installation in collaboration with the Red Sea Film Festival of negatives and restored film; by the Red Sea Film Festival, from the archive of the late Saudi artist. In addition to Imprint, a photography, film and digital exhibition featuring the works of 17 Saudi and Gulf artists.

A Young Artists Digital Showcase including 51 artists with works in fine art, digital art, film, photography and design.

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- Imprint: Digital, photography exhibition

- Mukooth: Misk Art Grant exhibition

- Safouh AlNaamani: Preserving Time

Culture Re-Cultivated


With change happening so fast in the past years, the lines between yesterday, today and tomorrow feel blurry. Such a pace puts us in a space where we are living the future as we make it. This poses the question or rather questions of how it is affecting our way of thinking, our ideas that shape our behaviors. And once those new behaviors are embraced on a communal scale and become repetitive, they eventually re-shape our traditions. All of that will redefine our culture. But how can we control it or benefit from it? How can we shape it? What can we learn from existing traditions and heritage? What is the role of each one of us in it? What is really needed to re-cultivate our culture to create the future we want now?

During the five days of this year's MISK Art Week, we shall explore those notions of re-cultivating our culture as we live it.

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