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Misk Art Residencies

Misk Art Institute launches its new Initiative: Misk Art Residencies.

The platform is designed to further the Institute’s mission by facilitating opportunities for creative individuals to expand their knowledge and broaden their artistic experience. The initiative encompasses two strands; the in-house Masaha Residency in Riyadh - the first art residency program in Riyadh open to local and international artists; and an International Exchange program tailored in partnership with global art institutions to to offer Saudi artists an opportunity to develop their creative practice in international settings.

The Misk Art Residencies are another part in the Institute’s goal to support artistic development and practice and promote the possibilities of exchange between artists, the local community, and the global cultural landscape. It allows artists access to dedicated studios, facilitate public program events and support the production and showcase of new work.

The residencies are designed for:

  • Saudi artists
  • International artists
  • Researchers
  • Curators
  • Art writers

2021 Residency Programs:

  • Masaha Residency is the newly established in-house studio program developed by Misk Art Institute beginning Spring 2021. For the inaugural Cycle, we will invite local artists for a period of intensive discourse and production. Spanning 3 months, the program will take place in the newly renovated Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Arts Hall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Stay tuned for more

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