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Misk Art 2019

Artist street

Misk Art is coming back for the third year in a row by Misk Art Institute, after becoming one of the most important platforms for Art in Riyadh.

Under the theme EXPERIMENT 0.3, this year we strive for research and experimentation to build roots of artistic local findings. We invite the audience to experiment, we encourage discovery, for enlightenment.

What is the Artists St. ?

The Artists St. is one of the main attractions in Misk Art, as it will feature more than 100 artists displaying their work to people. You have the chance of becoming one of them through participating.

What you will be provided with ?

Misk Art Institute will provide you with a suitable space to display your work to all the attendees of Misk Art, as well as arrange tours for critics and galleries to the Artists St., so you get the opportunity to engage with them and take their feedback.

What we need from you ?

We need you to fill out the registration form and attach your portfolio.

Please note, kindly include at least 5 artworks in your portfolio merged in one pdf document.

Participation Criteria:

- You're age has to be 18 or more

- You have to be a resident in Saudi Arabia

- You have to provide us with all the needed requirements within the set time schedule

Deadline for submission:

2nd of October

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