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Misk Art 2018

"Generational Dialogue"

Misk Art 2018 a platform for curious wanderers and creative enthusiasts, artists emerging and established, to immerse themselves in the space between the traditional and the contemporary, to learn from the wisdom of experience, and share the energy of discovery with professionals and the community of visitors.

A journey inaugurated with Saudi pioneers who paved the way of art in the Kingdom, through the current practitioners who are questioning art and design and rede ning and changing the face of creative discourse in the region, to future generations that will continue pushing the boundaries, and carry on the batton of creative endeavors. Misk Art 2018 visitors will enjoy, question, and experience art in its different forms. From photography, sculpture, and modern art exhibitions, to classical and popular music, street art, performances and installations, to a range of workshops, talks, and panel discussions.

We are delighted in sharing this journey with you and we look forward to painting the future of art & culture in Saudi together.

Date: 30 October – 3 November 2018

Location: Durrat Arriyadh

Exhibit 23

Exhibit 23 aims to highlight on the major role that the institute played in the history of art education and ne art in the Kingdom. It aims also to introduce the 23 generations of graduates who represent the start of modern art history in the Kingdom to the emerging artists. Exhibit 23 showcases artwork of these distinguished graduates artists who have worked successfully for decades to have a place on the Saudi art scene. showcasing different old documents and artworks including the rst art institute in Saudi where 23 generations of artists graduated within 25 years.

Participants: Bakr Shaikhoun , Fouad AlMaghrbal , Mohammed AlRusais , Mansour AlKordy , Abdulah Hamass, Mohammed AlManif , Abdulah Nawawy , Ali Al Ghamdi , Abdulah AlShelti , Abdelhameed AlBakshi, Ali AlDamadi, Khalil Hassan , Ibrahim Al-Fassam , Hassan Abdullah , Abdulmajeed Youseef, Ahmad Jaha, Nabil Najdi , Mefreh Assiri, Hamza Bjouda , Ali AlToukhis , Ali AlSafar , Fahad AlHejilan, Fahd Al-Rabik, Hassan Assiri , Saoud AlKahtani,KhaledAlOuais ,MohammedAlOmiar,Mohammed AlRabat , Yehia Sheri Khaled AlAmir ,Abdulaziz AlNajem , Zaman Jassim , Saleh AlMehini, Saad AlMassari , Khaled AlAbdan , Mohammed AlMasli , Mirza Al-Saleh , Abdulrahman AlHafez, Torky AlDosseri , Mohammed AlAjam , Nasser AlDebhi , Mohamme AlJumaiha , Abdulaziz AlHamad , Mahdi Rajh , Khaled AlGhanam.

Misk International Sculpture Symposium

Curated by the Saudi sculpture pioneer, Ali AlTokhais. Twenty one international artists gather in Riyadh to create original art pieces out of local marble blocks during a three week period.

Participants: Ali Altukhais (Saudi Arabia) , Khalil Almadhoun (Bahrain) , Mohammed Al-Thaqafi (Saudi Arabia) , Talal Altukhais (Saudi Arabia) , Abdulaziz Alarriyerr (Kuwait) , Ali Alhassan (Saudi Arabia) , Dr.Fahed Aljbreen (Saudi Arabia) , Qian Sihua (China) , Abdelhai Adayay (Morocco) , Bilal Hassan (France) , Fouad Khasawoneh (Jordan) , Khalil Almadhoun (Bahrain) , Saeed Alzahrani (Saudi Arabia) , Kamal Almoallim (Saudi Arabia) , Ayoub Albloushi (Oman) , Renato (Italy) , Seungwoo hwang (Korea) , Ahmed Keshta (spain) , Nabil Basbous (France) , Nabil Basbous (Lebanon) , Sameer Basbous (Mexico) , Stefano (Italy).

The Saudi Gallery

The Saudi gallery is Saudi’s contemporary and modern art fair, located at Durrat Al Riyadh. The fair runs in correlation with MISK Art 2018 and provides unique access and exposure to the Saudi art market through 8 leading Saudi galleries: 

6th sense Art Platform, ATHR, Desert Design, Jeddah Atelier for Fine Arts, Hafez Gallery, Hewar Art Gallery, L’Art Pur Gallery, Nesma Art Gallery. 

Arabic Calligraphy

The curves and swirls of the letters. A unique show that adds an inspirational touch to the event.

Participants: Mohammed Farouq , Muthana Al Obai-di , Daud Baktash , Ahmad Fares , Mo-hammad Özçay , Abdulrazak Karakash, Jassim Meraj , Sabah Arbilli , Obaida Al Banki , Naser Alansari , Mumtaz ElDora-do, Abdulrahman Dabbler, Majed AlY-ousef, Nasser AlMaymona , Ferhat Kurlu , Fahad AlMujahidi , Hassan Radwan ,Wis-sam Shawkat , Mukhtar Shagdar , Zaki Al Hashimi , Masoud AlMakki , Ziyad AlMo-handes , Mohammed Amjad, Jamal Al Kebas , Maryam Norouzi , Sayed Dabbler,Bazar Arbill

The Art Street

A space for individual artists and cultural institutions to showcase and market their work, enabling them to develop a generational dialogue with collectors and established artists.

Every Possible Angle

There are detailed places in corners of our daily lives, these details are a main part in writing our daily stories, it is possible that what we document with our eyes is translated through tools that we chose, we don’t care much for these tools as much as we care about the honesty of the outcome it carries to the viewer. Every Possible Angle, is organised by Phonart in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; part of Misk Art 2018 under the title of ”Generational Dialogue“. 

The exhibition is curated by Abdulsalam Alamri and Kholood Albakr.

Ripple Effect : Panel Discussions

Dialogue sessions on stage and workshops area discussing various art disciplines and trends, held by specialized artists from the region.

Click here to view the panel discussion schedule

Live Stage

Exciting shows performed in real time on stage before a live audience, including art talks and interactive musical performances.

Click here to view the live stage schedule


Creativity was unleashed activating participant's imagination starting with children's activities, humanities and arts around the world.

Workshops were held in different art types run by professional artists.

Click here to view the workshops schedule

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