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Fa’nan is an exceptional 360 experience targeting emerging artists, where a total of 10 participants selected by a well established committee, will part take in multi-phase program throughout the duration of four months. Bringing forth a professional platform in the creative industry by enhancing knowledge awareness, critique, research and experimentation to empower and support the artists.

The journey begins with a cultural trip to Sharjah Biennale, where participants will be part of guided tours around the Biennale by Abed AlKadiri, engage in panel discussions, have one to one portfolio reviews with international experts and visit institutions and galleries.

Following the trip participants will join in two art labs that offer two extreme sides of the art and design making process, merging digital and craft. The determination of using data, materials and function vs the indetermination and endless possibilities of using data . Both schools represent a coherent process of creating and producing works using the ultimate digital process vs the craft handmade. Experimenting in both schools while focusing on the theme Saudi local content and context.

Once participants unleash their creative experimentation in both art labs they will be asked to submit a final proposal evaluated by an international committee who are going to choose two winning proposals to partake in a residency program and win a production grant to produce their artwork. The program will end with an exhibition to show case the installations (artworks) accompanied with a panel talk and reception.

Application Requirements:

  • Emerging artists
  • Age group: 21 - 35
  • Available for the duration of the program and fully committed to complete the project
  • To be based in Saudi Arabia
  • Fluent in English


Phase 01: Inspiration trip

June 9-12, 2019 | Sharjah,

About Sharjah Biennale

Phase 02: Art Labs

June 20-30, 2019 | Riyadh

Phase 03: Residency

17 July - 28 September 2019 ( total of 9 weeks) | Riyadh

Phase 04: Exhibition

October 2019 | Riyadh


Art Lab 1: Kinetic Indeterminism | By Edouard Cabay

Through out the duration of 5 days the Art Lab provides a series of creative experiments by creating automated environments that interact with nature: air, heat, humidity, sand etc. and result in kinetic installations that convert a surface into a perpetually moving landscape of colours, lines and shadows.


Art Lab 2: Precise Determinism | by Sixe Paredes

5 days ArtLab based on a series of creative experiments that will relate with Saudi local culture aspects and crafts, using local color codes, Sadu and clay as main materials, adding to wood sticks and other local elements. The fact of hand doing installation is to connect with local visual content and materials, bringing back the hand made art and design installations.


Edouard Cabay


Sixe Paredes

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