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US Cultural Tour

As part of a major US Cultural Tour, on the occasion of the Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to New York, Reframe Saudi incorporated a four-day contemporary art exhibition and the US Premiere of a virtual reality documentary telling the story of a new generation of Saudi artists, exploring the kingdom's story of change. 

Reframe Saudi VR film 

As Saudi Arabia enters a new phase socially and economically, Reframe Saudi explores the practices of artists living in Jeddah, Abha and Riyadh. Each of them, through their work, reflect on a different aspect of this transformative historical time.   


The premiere was presented in the context of an exhibition featuring works by 27 artists from across the kingdom, including specially commissioned Al-Qatt Al-Asiri mural paintings by women artists from southern Saudi Arabia. This specific tradition of collective mural painting was inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2017. 


Mural artists: Amira Al-Almai, Arwa Mohammed Alzehr, Fatemah Faya Yaqub, Fatima Yahya, Fatimah Hassan, Fawzeiyah Mohammed Barzyq, Halimah Moshabab Assiry, Jameelah Mater, Jamelah Ali Alsoghayer, Jewaher Mater, Mahdi, Nala Ali, Nawarah Abdolrahman Moghawi, Ohud Ebraheam Moghawi, Reem Mater, Safia Ahmed, Salehah Abdulazeaz Alraqde, Salehah Yahay Alalmaiy, Salha Al-Qahtani, Sharifa Ayed, Zaina Al-Shahrani, Zohrah Faya Yaqub

Part of the Misk Art Institute US Cultural Tour

26 March 2018

Phillips Auction House, New York

Exhibiting artists

  • Fatimah Hassan
  • Dana Awartani
  • Rashed Al Shashai
  • Ahmad Angawi
  • Ajlan Gharem
  • Saeed Salem
  • Amr Alnagmah 

Part of the Misk Art Institute's US Cultural Tour. Other activities included:


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