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Portfolio Development Course

The Portfolio Development Course is an 8-week, skill-based course that aims to develop the creatives’ professional and personal skills, covering four main categories:

  • Elements of a Portfolio
  • Concept Research
  • Writing Tools
  • Critical Thinking

This course will be self-competitive as participants will be evaluated through a growth-scale that relies on both self-evaluation and mentors feedback.

Course Criteria:

  • Ages 20 and above
  • Saudi National and Residents
  • English and/or Arabic Language is required
  • Must have an existing portfolio and biography
  • Must have an existing body of work
  • An updated CV
  • Must be an active artists/designer/curator

Applications Closed

The Mentors

Maryam Bilal
Maryam Bilal

is a curator based in Melbourne, Australia and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Since 2010, she has worked closely with Saudi contemporary arts organizations, institutions and commercial galleries. She began her arts career as an Outreach Coordinator for Edge of Arabia; organizing programs, tours and workshops to raise awareness on contemporary Saudi art in Riyadh and Jeddah. She later worked as an Artists Liaison and Curator at ATHR; leading several prominent exhibitions including: And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen, Letters, 18 Blankets, Wish you Were Here and Children of Yam. She has also supported the gallery in representing artists at Artissima, Torino, Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Berlin Contemporary, Art Dubai and Abu Dhabi Art. She is currently experimenting with exhibition making processes; in collaborative and reciprocal forms, the affect of the art imperative in the hybridized Saudi art making era.

Abed Al Kadiri Portrait
Abed AlKadiri

Born in Beirut, Lebanese multidisciplinary artist, Curator, and Publisher Abed Al Kadiri double majored in Arabic Literature and Fine Arts. His work focuses on the deprivation of freedom in society by analyzing contemporary issues of violence, cultural heritage, migration and belonging. He has been awarded the Sursock Museum 32nd Salon d’automne, and has had several solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally. His work can be found in private and public collections in the Middle East. In 2017 He cofounded Dongola Limited Editions, a leading publishing house that position artist's books as a contemporary practice from the Arab world.

Dr Effat
Dr. Effat Abdullah Fadag

Associate Professor of Fine Art, artists, and a curator. Born to a naval officer in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Effat Fadag spent her childhood between Dharan, Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and the USA. Her travels on account of her father’s work gave her the opportunity to engage with different cultures and societies, lending her a broad view of cultural norms and expressions. Dr. Effat Abdullah Fadag is a visual artist and academic working in the field of higher education. While studying Islamic Art at King Abdulaziz Universty, Jeddah in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, she participated in the pioneering visual art movement of Saudi women in Jeddah in the since 1986. After completing her studies, she joined the Department of Islamic Art as a faculty member, which allowed her to further pursue her studies in the UK at University of Kent, Canterbury. In 2006, she returned to Jeddah and acquired both her master’s degree and her PhD, becoming the first female Saudi artist to hold a Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Art in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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