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March Workshop Program

Misk Art Institute aims to offer to the community a range of educational workshops in beginner and intermediate levels which focuses on fine arts and visual arts.

Seven workshops will be launched around three cities in Saudi Arabia; Riyadh, Jeddah and AlKhobar, during the month of March 2019.

Painting Workshop for Beginners

Conducted by Atul Panase

In this workshop participants will learn the techniques of the renaissance and impressionist painters.

Workshop Outline:

Day 1

  • All about different types of paintbrushes
  • How to paint using brushes and a palette knife

Day 2

  • Mixing paint with linseed oil, wax and varnish for achieving different levels of sheen, density and translucency of paint.

Day 3

  • The important beginnings of creating a painting, and how to practice with the use of layers and glaze.

Day 4

  • After the first layer dries, students learn to build the layers up, starting from dark to light, and how to add details to their painting.


Atul Panase

is an Indian national, who earned a Master in Fine Art degree from North University Jalgaon. An experienced illustrator and graphic designer, this Dubai-based visual artist won the Silver Award in Lynx 2010.

Painting Workshop for Kids

Conducted by Rahaf Alshehri

In this workshop participants will gain experience using watercolors, will be able to apply 8 different watercolor techniques and improve their confidence and creative output.

Workshop Outline:

Day 1

  • Learning 8 Watercolor techniques:

Salt |Tissue | Perfume | Resistance | Drawing | Wet-on-wet | Splatter |Overlay

  • Activity: painting with at least 3 techniques

Day 2

  • Decorating popsicle sticks
  • Making our own bookmarks

Day 3

  • Nebula circle part 1: the background
  • Nebula circle part 2: the stars

Day 4

  • Tape resistance technique
  • Wax resistance technique


Rahaf Alshehri

is a Saudi artist in the Culture and Arts Society in Dammam and AlKhafji Arts. She participated in many group exhibitions around Saudi Arabia. Al Shehri is currently a chartered trainer at the Social Development Committee and the a founder of OA Future in AlKhafji.

Drawing workshop for Beginners

Conducted by Sahar Shaab

In this workshop participants will acquire the basic yet extensive knowledge of the illustration technique, which is regarded as one of the oldest artistic expressions.

Workshop Outline:

Day 1

  • The fundamentals of drawing: Still-life, artistic anatomy, perspective.

Day 2

  • How to use pastel, pencil and ink to draw.

Day 3

  • The study of the reaction of variant media on different supports, such as smooth and coarse paper.

Day 4

  • Learning about decorative patters and expressions that enrich the illustration.


Sahar Shaab

is an influential media player in the field of art and has international and local participation. She started her career and went out to the public 13 years ago. She worked in the educational field teaching and training for 6 years of in schools of influence, impressionism and natural.

Drawing workshop for Intermediate

Conducted by Tarek Tuma

In this workshop participants will improve their style and creativity, as well as discover the fundamentals of portrait drawing and its secrets.

Workshop Outline:

Day 1

  • Rapid stroke technique using pencils or charcoals for the illustration of essential features of the human face.

Day 2

  • Elaborate drawings to focus on details, on the effect of light and shade (“the chiaroscuro”).

Day 3

  • Color techniques by using pastel, coloring pencils, or coloring charcoal.

Day 4

  • Students will work on the psychological value of facial expression.

Day 5

  • Drawing the shades of complexion, the position of the hand and the glittering of the eyes.


Tarek Tuma

is a creative art teacher with an emphasis on artistic development, innovation and creativity. Talented art teacher in IBDP, MYP & GCSEs, adept at managing challenging environment while focusing on guiding creative, art sessions.

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