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Misk Art Workshop Program

Misk Art Institute aims to offer to the community a range of educational workshops in beginner and intermediate levels which focuses on fine arts and visual arts.

Several workshops will be launched around thirteen cities in Saudi Arabia during July to December.


Arabic Calligraphy

Conducted by Shaker Kashgari

Introduce the freestyle Arabic calligraphy. Students will get introduced to the calligraphy tools and learn how to use them. There will be practicing sessions on letters and words. In the end, the students will learn how to apply Photoshop skills on Arabic calligraphy.

Workshop Outline:

Day 1

  • Intro to Freestyle Calligraphy and Intro to the tools.

Day 2

  • Practicing on letters and words.


Etching and Printmaking

An exciting introduction to the art of printmaking: Experience and explore different techniques including mono printing, drypoint, and etching through a series of projects and experiments used alone or in combination, and learn to reinterpret existing artwork in print form.

Day One

• Mono Typing

Day Two

• Preparation of a metal plate

Day Three

• Printing the etched plate

Day four

• Modifying the plate

Day five

• Etching


Packaging Design

Packaging keeps the world organized. It’s also a sensual experience, literally engaging us through sight, touch and sound, and possibly smell and taste, depending on the product/package.

Day One

• Introduction to packaging

Day Two

•Participants will start by working with folds.

Day Three

• folding the package to create a completed end-product


3D Visual Light Show

Discover the video and light mapping using Madmapper and its implementation in this workshop. We will discover together, the history of this new medium through several examples as well as the technical means of its implementation.

Day One

•History and presentation of the different types of video mapping Video and Light Mapping in practice

Day Two

• Presentation of the Madmapper software: basic tools

• Practical work Madmapper on model

Day Three

• Definition of a projection template using photoshop and understanding of the Relation pixel/cm

• Presentation of different types of media/material, shader, generative

Day four

• Media presentation on Photoshop, the basic concept

• Practical work Madmapper on model


Modern Calligraphy

This workshop offers highly-valuable insights into the art of modern Arabic calligraphy. It provides an innovative environment that is inspiring and engaging, in order to encourage students to think more creatively and more visually. It guides students through the process of creating meaningful highly-graphical modern Arabic calligraphy artwork.

Day One

• Intro to Light Calligraphy

• Practicing on shapes and letters

Day Two

• Practicing on words and sentences and editing on Photoshop


Digital Art Photography

This workshop will cover macro photography, flash photography and for sure, the joy of people photography the world over.

Day One

•Understanding Exposure

Day Two

•Learning to See Creatively

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