Training Program

Portfolio Development Course: Qassim

07 Jul 2024 - 01 Aug 2024



07 Jul 2024 - 01 Aug 2024

Register Date

30 May 2024 - 01 Jul 2024



Better opportunities with a stronger portfolio

7:00 - 

Langauge: Arabic 

The Portfolio Development Course is a four-week program tailored to emerging artists who are looking to refine their professional presentation and stand out from the competition. The primary objective of this course is to help participants gain a better understanding of the art industry, working knowledge of design fundamentals, and strategies for creating an impactful portfolio. 

Participants will gain a solid understanding on topics such as how to develop creative concepts, design principles, presentation techniques, and learn industry standards.

The course will cover four main areas:

  • Aesthetics of a portfolio 

  • Concept research and critical thinking

  • Writing biographies and proposals

  • Researching and sourcing opportunities

Expert instructors will share insights into the various outlets available to promote an artist’s work, and how to tap into those resources. Through interactive lectures, hands-on studio workshops, and personalized feedback, this course will ensure that each participant has the tools they need to properly showcase their work. Access to Misk Art Institute online resources will be given to help find current trends within the art world and collaborate with other artists.

At the end of this course participants will have:

  • Created a polished portfolio that accurately reflects their skills, capabilities, and design philosophy 

  • Developed an understanding of the nuances of the art industry, empowering them to make informed decisions

  • Gained confidence of a professional portfolio and an understanding of the art business, these emerging artists are certain to make an impact.

Who’s it for?

  • Visual multidisciplinary artists (open to all artistic disciplines and practices) and designers.