Photo Book Screen-Printing (Advanced)

15 - 19 Oct 2023

Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall


15 - 19 Oct 2023

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12 Apr 2023 - 27 Sep 2023


Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall

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Design and print an eight-page photo book using screen printing techniques

5:30 – 9:30 p.m. 

Language: Arabic and English 

Photographers and screen printers will be given the theoretical and practical information required to create their own eight-page photobook. 

Bringing together screen-printing techniques, book layout, and binding techniques, this five-day advanced masterclass is for photographers and screen printers who are confident in their capacity to produce a small publication using six of their own photographs.


  • At the end of the masterclass, are expected to be able to:

  • Understand halftone system for screen-printing photographs

  • Understand how to screen-print a photo book

  • Produce a two-colored, photographic zine 


  • Produce screen-printed photo book in A5, no more than eight pages. 

Masterclass Structure

  • Lectures and seminars 

  • Practical instruction in screen-printing

  • Practical course work to produce an eight-page photo book

Who’s it for?

Saudi contemporary photographers and printmakers with proficient working ability in Arabic and English. This course will be best suited for:

  • Photographers

  • Book makers

  • Printmakers

  • Zine makers

Knowledge in Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator and/or InDesign is required. Participants must bring 6 of their own photographs.
The applicants must also be fully committed to prioritizing this five-day masterclass, with no exceptions.



Useful Information

Masterclass Detailed Structure
Sunday – Thursday 
5:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Day One: Theory & Design 

  • An introduction to photographic screen-printing and photo books, including inspiration and design guides

  • Lecture on halftone system for screen-printing photography. Participants will learn how to prepare their images for screen printing

  • Book layout design

Day Two: Preparation & Printing 

  • Participants will learn how to mix ink and print their images onto paper 

  • Tutorial on how to register multiple colors in screen printing

Day Three: Preparation & Printing 

  • Participants will continue to images onto paper, focusing on color variations and layering 

  • Tutorial on how to bind a zine or photo book 

Day Four: Preparation & Printing 

  • Participants will finalize their prints and work on assembling their zine or photo book 

  • Discussion session where participants will share their work and receive feedback from the instructor and other participants

Day Five: Preparation & Printing

  • Review previous day’s work

  • Participants will make final adjustments to their prints and zine/photo book with simple binding