Photography Certificate Program

May 08. 2023 - Sep 08. 2023



May 08. 2023 -Sep 08. 2023

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Mar 18. 2023 - Apr 06 2023

Acquire a solid understanding of digital photography

Language: English

In collaboration with UCLA Extension, Misk Art Institute is offering access to a series of foundational courses for budding Saudi photographers and photography students. 

The four-month hybrid program provides a solid foundation in the technical and visual aspects of digital photography. Photographers will learn digital image capture, editing, composition, and the fundamentals of lighting from experienced professionals who have successful careers of their own.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Technology and the core principles of effective photography, including digital image capture, editing, composition, and lighting

  • The technical and aesthetic backgrounds and processes that make a strong photographer

  • Aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, focus, ISO, file management, basic lighting skills (including contrast, direction, color, white balance, histogram), composition, and digital imaging (including an introduction to Adobe Lightroom)

  • The paradigm shifts in technology, workflow, social relevance, usage, and art. It is a goal of this program to address these shifts and be a resource to those whom use the camera in the diverse and complex ways that change the very nature of photography

Required Materials: 

  • Program participants need to bring their own equipment, including a digital SLR with manual mode, and a laptop to process the images with Adobe Suite (i.e. Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, etc.) 

  • Program participants must be prepared with a computer, Web-camera, and internet access for courses offered online and to retrieve course materials

Those who complete the program will be awarded with the UCLA EXTENSION GOLD SEAL CERTIFICATE.

What Misk Art Institute Covers: 

  • Flight and accommodation 

  • Daily transportation 

  • Visas 

  • Per Diem for the United States trip

In collaboration with 

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Useful Information

Saudi photographers who meet one or more of the following:

  • Those new to photography, or who have been shooting independently and would like formal instruction

  • Those considering making photography part of their creative practice

  • Individuals interested in learning both the technical and visual aspects of digital photography

  • Anyone who would like to take their photography to the next level

Photography I (ART X 438.9)
May 8 – May 18, 2023
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Photographers explore the fundamental technical and aesthetic principles of digital photographic processes, including DSLR camera operation, composition, and digital retouching and manipulation.

Photography II (ART X 439.90)
May 28 – June 8, 2023

Photographers will gain control of all photographic variables while attempting various creative assignments in this course.

Lighting I (ART X 440.22)
June 11 – 22, 2023

Photographers will gain an understanding of how to use natural and artificial lighting to enhance your subject.

Photographic Portraiture (ART X 428.56) 
July 9 – 20, 2023

This in-depth exploration of photographic portraiture covers approaching subjects, establishing a rapport, collaborating with your subject, and digital workflow.

Telling Your Story: Narrative Photography (ART X 450.99)
July 30 – August 10, 2023

Photographers will develop a unique photographic storytelling perspective and define their personal narrative voice. 

Photography Portfolio Workshop (ART X 450.37)
August 28 – September 8, 2023
Los Angeles, California, US

Through a series of creative assignments, get personalized guidance and feedback on building a cohesive photography portfolio.