The B'sarya for Arts Thematic Residency

01 Oct 2023 - 30 Nov 2023

Alexandria, Egypt


Application deadline: 

September 9, 2023


October 1 - November 30, 2023


Alexandria, Egypt

Explore sound, video, digital, and new media at a residency in Alexandria, Egypt

Language: Arabic 

The B'sarya for Arts Thematic Residency is a two-month program dedicated to the advancement of art and culture via creativity, experimentation, and innovation. The residency program, in collaboration with Misk Art Institute, will provide two Saudi cultural practitioners the opportunity to broaden their practice, engage in a wide range of new conversations within the Egyptian cultural landscape, delve deeply into their practices, and receive and provide generous feedback. 

The Residency Provides

  • Curatorial and technical guidance and mentorship 

  • Workshops and masterclasses

  • Time to create balanced with the stimulation of cultural exchange and critical appraisal 

  • An acoustically tuned studio space consisting of two jam and recording studios, as well as an isolated sound booth for vocal and acoustic recordings with cutting-edge technology, excellent acoustic treatment, and separate air conditioning for each location. 

Residency Structure
The B'sarya for Arts Thematic Residency emphasizes process, experimentation, and the expansion of artists' practices through:

  • Two workshops or technical masterclasses centered on the program's theme 

  • Two studio visits from highly accomplished curators whom represent a cross-section of Egypt's contemporary art scene 

  • A first day/weekend trip to Cairo to see exhibitions, festivals, or screenings 

  • A second day/weekend trip to Cairo to meet with directors and curators of various art institutions, galleries, and academic institutions.

Participants will engage in a wide range of new conversations, delve deeply into their practices, receive and provide generous feedback, and accept and offer challenges. 

Residency Outcome 
Residents are required to present their work publicly. This can take any form that is appropriate for the artist and their project, including, but not limited to:

  • Open studios

  • Screenings 

  • Performances 

  • Temporary exhibitions

Residents are also asked to contribute to the local community, by way of talks, panel discussions, or any other way the resident and the curator deem beneficial to the community.

Who’s it for?
Full-time Saudi visual artists who meet the following criteria:

  • 3+ years of fine arts experience

  • 3+ years of exhibiting history

  • Actively practicing and engaging in the arts

  • Practicing Sound (sound installation, sound performance, composition) and/or New Media/Mixed Media ( video art and audio-visual installation). 

  • The applicants must also be fully committed to prioritizing this one-month program, with no exceptions.

Useful Information

B'sarya for Arts, located in Egypt's north coast city of Alexandria, is an art space and production house that strives to contribute to the development of artists and the Egyptian contemporary art scene. B'sarya sees itself as a primary shareholder and creative hub in Egypt's cultural scene, with a focus on visual arts, music, and new media. It has initiated and produced projects in Alexandria and abroad that have dealt with a wide range of local and global issues.  

  • Submit a strong project proposal that is on theme 

  • Full commitment to the three-month residency program including all the educational programing

  • Roundtrip flight to Egypt, accommodation, and per diem

  • Studio space

  • Expert mentorship

  • Workshops and masterclasses

  • Networking opportunities

  • Equipment

  • An opportunity to showcase your work to an international audience