Nabi Artist Residency 2023 (South Korea)

14 Aug 2023 - 27 Oct 2023

26 Jong-ro, Seorin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea



Application deadline: 

May 31, 2023


Aug 14 - Oct 27. 2023


26 Jong-ro, Seorin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

A visual arts residency focusing on new digital medias and technology in the heart of Seoul

Language: English 

Misk Art Institute has partnered with the Art Center Nabi to offer two Saudi artists an exciting ten-week opportunity in Digital and New Media Art in Seoul, South Korea. The Nabi Artist Residency program is the platform that communicates and experiments at the intersection of art and technology with talented artists based on diverse cultural background. 

The program provides not only production support costs, but also networks, research, creative activities, an exhibition, and related programs such as artist talks. 

Research and Creative Activity
The program features various artistic offerings around content such as discussions regarding residents' work with continuous feedback and critique sessions. Among these ongoing inquiries about creativity through technological perspectives, the program will encourage artists to study their artwork thoroughly.

Exhibition and Related Program
During the residency program, residents will showcase the result of their art projects at the Nabi Artist Residency program. Additionally, residents will have artist talks to introduce their creative experiences during the residency program and present the result of their art projects. 

After the end of the program, the residency will recommend domestic/foreign creative laboratories and media art centers to the residents to continue their projects. 

Who’s it for?
Full-time mid-career Saudi contemporary artists working in the fields of visual arts, particularly technology, digital art, robotics, new media, and who meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • 3+ years of fine arts experience

  • 3+ years of exhibiting history

  • Actively practicing and engaging in the arts

The applicants must also be fully committed to prioritizing this two-month program, with no exceptions.

What You Will Gain

  • Time and space to focus on researching and producing artwork

  • Experts to advise, provide feedback, and critique your research and project

  • Long-lasting contacts within the Korean and international arts network

  • Exposure to and from important members of the art community (such as artists, press, curators, etc.)

  • An opportunity to showcase your work in front of an international audience

  • Professional development as an artist and new outlooks on your practice

What We Provide

  • Roundtrip flight to Seoul, South Korea, visas, and accommodation (as set by residency partner)

  • Workspace studio

  • Expert mentorship and masterclasses/lectures/workshops

  • Networking opportunities

  • Per diem 

Useful Information

Art Center Nabi operates a global residency program for media artists. Their mission centers around three main areas; being a “critic” of contemporary technology; nurturing “creativity,” thus opening new possibilities of creative expressions; and building a “community” where new ideas are shared and developed into new social movements. Art Center Nabi hopes to be a space where artistic sensibilities combined with technological possibilities bring out the power of positive change in individuals as well as in society.

  • Submit a strong project proposal 

  • Full commitment to the two-month residency program