Berlin Art Institute 2021

Sep 13. 2021 -Nov 05. 2021

Berlin, Germany


Application deadlines:

Cycle 1 - July 24, 2021

Cycle 2 - August 28, 2021                                                             


Cycle 1: September 13 - November 5, 2021

Cycle 2: November 8 - December 31, 2021


Berlin, Germany


Visual Art

An international residency program for visual and contemporary artists

Applications closed

In partnership with Berlin Art Institute, two groups of six mid-career contemporary artists working in the fields of visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic art) and contemporary art (collage, assemblage, mixed-media, video art) will be supported with a full residency program in Berlin, Germany. The opportunity is open to Saudi citizens and will take place in the Fall and Winter of 2021.

The BAI Residency Program offers full access to the BAI Studio Program providing all participants with a workplace, individual coaching, courses, projects, lectures, seminars, workshops, visits, and an interdisciplinary discussion forum. The Residency Program’s concept is based on the discourse and engagement with the individual artistic work, in which an international team lecturers and colleagues are involved.

BAI offers regular events engaging with artists, critics, curators, and other creatives giving a space for all participants to exchange with the actors of contemporary art in Berlin during their stay. This provides important opportunity for stimuli and constructive critique in regard to maintaining and freely developing one’s own artistic position.

With its innovative concept of an international artist residency and contemporary art school, the BAI pursues the vision of advancing the relationship between art, training, and research.

Useful Information

  • Develop your craft in an international setting
  • Exchange knowledge and network with members of contemporary art in Berlin
  • Train and research in a central hub of the global art world
  • Attend regular events to engage with creatives
  • Explore new ideas and methods
  • Experience important stimuli and constructive critique in regard to maintaining and freely developing one’s own artistic position
  • Advance the relationship between art, training, and research.

  • Studio facilities
  • Support staff
  • Individual coaches
  • Lectures, seminars, workshops, and other events with alternating artists, critics, curators, and creative practitioners
  • Local art scene connections
  • An interdisciplinary atmosphere and discussion forums
  • Discourse and engagement with individual artistic work.

  • Accommodation in a fully furnished, private, studio apartment in Berlin, close to BAI
  • Travel as required including flights, and associated visa costs and per diem
  • A dedicated space for undertaking work (studio and work-station requirements to be finalized in Berlin).

Berlin Art Institute is an independent institute focused on research and training based in Berlin, Germany. With its concept of a production site, an innovative arts incubator, and international artist residency, the BAI pursues the vision of advancing the relationship between art, cultural exchange, and training as a process of consciousness-raising in which the participants can discover and emancipate themselves. The BAI banks on a constructive and critical discourse on a par with all persons involved.

BAI has had participants from more than 60 nations through partnerships with international art universities, art academies, embassies, agencies, institutions, organizations, associations, foundations and enterprises.