Amina Agueznay

Amina Agueznay

Apr 24. 2022


Unmuted Narratives

“My works, built through links and ramifications, translate the potential of connections between people around a common project, the value of community, of the social fabric.” 
- Amina Agueznay 

For Agueznay, art is woven web of inquiry.  A search for answers to the intricacies of the immaterial world and the complexities of feeling that can only be matched by the fabric of her creativity. 

Amina Agueznay (b. 1963, Casablanca) is an artist, jewelry designer, and architect based in Casablanca. Her practice leads her to the borders of the diverse yet complementary fields of architecture, design, and traditional weaving methods. Agueznay navigates with ease between the miniature and the monumental, a recurring feature in her work, which she describes as both architectural and detail oriented. An advocate for ancestral techniques and traditional craft, her ideas take shape via collaborations with artisans of exceptional skills. “Curiosity, sharing, transmission” are her means to build strong bonds and create exciting projects and workshops.

Oscillating fluidly from one practice to the next, Agueznay breaks down the boundaries between arts and crafts, the fine arts and applied arts, her original work escapes traditionally defined categories. She is a multidisciplinary creator of works—and above all, of encounters, memories, aesthetics, and sensory and human experiences. 

"Amina Agueznay: Unmuted Narratives" is edited by Mona Khazindar, and features written contributions by: Mouna Mekouar, Jean Loup Pivin, Meriem Berrada, and Sonia Recasens. The series is published by Rizzoli International Publications and is released in separate editions of Arabic and English. 

There will be an exhibition showcasing selected artworks featured in "Amina Agueznay: Unmuted Narratives". For more information, visit our exhibition page

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- Masaha Giftshop, Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall, Riyadh.


The Art Library Exhibition

Jun 07. 2021
Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall, Riyadh.

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