Culture Recultivated: Social Sustainability

Culture Recultivated: Social Sustainability

Aug 07. 2021


Research Papers

For Misk Art Week 2020, we invited researchers in the creative sector to participate in a writing project that's primary objective is to promote and develop the field of research in the region. 

Research has shown that the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) can contribute to the revitalization of the economy and territories (including former industrial areas) with hybrid, dynamic economic and cultural exchanges fostering innovation. The available research indicates that the CCS are underdeveloped in Saudi Arabia; while there is great potential for growth and development, this is impossible without research to substantiate and quantify the potential.

Creatives are uniquely qualified to create new and relevant research paradigms that measure and assign reasonable quantitative and qualitative value to the impact of the CCS with appropriate and rigorous methods of assessment. Therefore, the papers submitted aim to provide as both a basis (and an expansion of any existing research) for relevant research that can be used by architects, designers, cultural experts and artists to encourage production and creation in Saudi Arabia.

Social sustainability[1] is an underrated and under-researched field which refers to the process for creating sustainable, successful places that promote wellbeing by understanding what people need from the places they live and work. It combines design of the physical realm with design of the social world – infrastructure to support social and cultural life, social amenities, systems for citizen engagement and space for people and places to evolve. The below topics and subtopics explore the ‘re-cultivated culture’ and social sustainability from a plethora of angles.

The Culture Recultivated papers focus on one of the following thematic categories or their intersections in the context of different fields, including Architecture, Design and Art studies.

[1] S.Woodcraft et al (2011) Design for Social Sustainability, Social Life, London

Featured Papers

The Role of Art in Recultivating the Culture of Place, Jeddah City by: Dr. Mohammed Fekry

Gahwa: from a curated experience to a competitive platform by: Norah Al Khamis

Cultural Paradigm vs. Cultural Change Complementary or Contradictory by: Dr. Emad Al-Juraifani

The concept of nostalgia and heritage home for digital design printing by: Najla Alqubaisi

Context for Reuse: Looking at Gentrification by: Mariam Mahdi Saleh Alnoaimi

Visual Culture's Role in Shaping Cultures and Their Images: The Case of Saudi Arabia by: Dr. Noura Abdulhameed Hassan Shuqair  

Culture, arts, artist and visual systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by: Bashaer Hawsawi

Art Is a Public Right by: Ra’ed Al-Eid

Covid-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Urban Culture by: Nahar Bahij

Using Ceramics as an Example in Creating Environment Friendly Artwork In Green Marketing Initiatives by: Suzan Nasser Saleh Al-Sayegh

The Papers

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