Solo Series 2024

26 May 2024

Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall


26 May 2024 - 19 Sep 2024


Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall

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The inaugural edition of Misk Art Institute's Solo Series

4:00 – 10:00 p.m.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is amidst a flourishing cultural era. As the art scene rapidly expands, it is of paramount importance, as custodians of culture, to document notable works of influential artists and their invaluable contributions.

In alignment with this role, Misk Art Institute presents the Solo Series; a significant milestone in the Institute’s cultural journey. Through this series, we aim to highlight pioneering Saudi artists who have played vital roles in shaping the local art scene. Each exhibition in this series offers a unique opportunity to delve deeply into the artistic journey of these influential figures, unravelling specific facets of their creative practice.

In appreciation of their lasting impact on the local art scene, the inaugural edition of the Solo Series features the artistic legacy of Saudi pioneering artists Taha Alsabban and Yousef Jaha.

 In “Muse's Reverie” we discover the layers of meaning and significance embedded within Alsabban’s themes of women’s role in society. Through his portrayal of womanhood and motherhoodthis exhibition unveils the multifaceted influences that have shaped his worldview. 

In “Yearning for Rain" Jaha’s dual fascination with his natural surroundings and the architectural tapestry that defines his environment are brought together. This exhibition walks us through a spiritual fusion of elements of nature and a harmonious interplay between human creation and the natural world.


Muse's Reverie

by Taha Alsabban 

Taha Alsabban is known for his striking depictions of elongated figures and exploration of subjects within the Saudi society. Alsabban played a huge role in fostering art communities in Jeddah, serving as the first chairman of the House of Artists in 1993. His paintings offer a unique portrayal of the region’s heritage, while his contributions to the local art scene have inspired generations of emerging talents in the Kingdom.


Yearning for Rain

by Yousef Jaha

Artist and educator Yousef Jaha is known for his figurative landscape paintings that reveal profound insights into the human experience. Jaha's artistic journey is marked by international influences and a dedication to capturing the essence of his environment. A recipient of the Beautifying Holy Makkah Prize, his experimentation has left a lasting impact on the local art scene.