Azeema | Bahrain

14 Sep 2023

Art Centre - Kingdom of Bahrain


14 - 23 Sep 2023


Art Centre - Kingdom of Bahrain

An artistic and contemporary revival of societal traditions

Misk Art Institute once again welcome visitor to "Azeema," an exhibitio featuring twelve works by ten Saudi and the Khaleeji artists exploring how societies transform cultural rituals and traditions into a manufactured reflection of our time. Hosted by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities at the Art Center, Bahrain, the exhibition opens its doors on September 14, 2023. 

Azeema comes from the Arabic word azouma meaning feast. Azeema is a social event or a party in Khaleeji societies that cultivates a sense of belonging and fosters social connectivity between family, friends, and extended relations; it is a place of unity, celebrating historical and cultural traditions. By examining different components, truths, memories, and ideologies surrounding the Azeema phenomenon, can we explore the dynamics of collective memory? How can artists from the region contribute to and commemorate this unique social event?

Memory assemblages and imagined objects play an integral role in inducing a sense of nostalgia by connecting us to our memories of habitual practices and historical narratives. Through this exhibition, we study the memory of a significant and singular event that is practiced within the Khaleej, a social gathering the Azeema. With photography, sculptures, and installations, ten artists contribute their own insights and interpretations through immersive experiences, provoking viewers into a new space of social remembering and cultural appreciation. 

Participating artists: Aisha Alsowaidi, Bader Albalawi, Elham AlDawsari, Ishaq Madan, Khalid AlBanna, Mashael Alsaie, Noura AlSerkal, Saad AlHowede, Shatha Alhusseini, and Tasneem AlSultan.