Geometry and Art in the Modern Middle East

24 Jan 2023

Jeddah Dome, Palestine - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


24 Jan 2023 - 20 Mar 2023


Jeddah Dome, Palestine - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

A contemporary contemplation on Islamic art

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4:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Misk Art Institute transforms the book Geometry and Art in the Modern Middle East (2019), edited by Roxane Zand, into an exhibition highlighting several artists featured in the publication. The book invites readers to explore the rapidly growing, yet long-established, manifestation of the geometric mode in Middle Eastern art by looking at a diverse cross-section of practising regional artists. 

This exhibition featuring selected works draws inspiration from the publication and sheds light on the connection between Islamic geometry and contemporary practices. It looks at how heritage and geometry have served as foundational principles in the artistic traditions of modern masters and contemporary artists and underscores the distinctive way geometry, a universal heritage, has inspired regional art.

The selected artists bridge the past and present by translating the rich history and cultural wealth of the region into cutting-edge contemporary expressions. The exhibition demonstrates endless geometric permutations much in the same way that Islamic cultures offer unbounded possibilities.

Misk Art Institute presents this exhibition during the Islamic Biennale in partnership with the Ministry of Culture.

Misk Art Institute would like to thank the editor of the book Roxane Zand (Middle East art expert and former Sotheby’s Deputy Chairman), and co-author Professor Susan Babaie (Professor of Islamic Arts at the Courtauld Institute of Art) and Skira editore for their invaluable support and contribution.


Lulwah Al Homoud. Dana Awartani. Zeinab Al Hashemi. Mohamed Kanoo. Rashid AlKhalifa. Mouteea Murad. Nima Nabavi.