The Art Library

May 14. 2022

Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall


May 14. 2022 -Aug 15. 2022


Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall

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Visual Art

Discover the poetic narratives of Amina Agueznay and Fahad Hajailan.

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Misk Art Institute is committed to providing content and context for the Arab art sector through The Art Library publications. As an initiative dedicated to publishing a series of books contextualizing the artistic methods and journeys of prominent Arab artists, it is the Institute’s pleasure to invite readers to experience the artworks of Amina Agueznay and Fahad Hajailan for the first time in this context on May 14, 2022. This is done in partnership with Rizzoli International Publications and editor Mona Khazindar,

Volumes five and six of The Art Library highlight the oeuvre of Moroccan artist Amina Agueznay and Saudi artist Fahad Hajailan. A selection of the artists’ seminal works is presented alongside written contributions from local and international art critics and curators. The book "Amina Agueznay: Unmuted Narratives" is an intimate exploration of her creations, which combine modern construction techniques with traditional weaving, breaking down the boundaries between art and craft, tradition and modernity, monumental and miniature. "Fahad Hajailan: Poetry in Color" displays a collection of paintings that capture his figurative and abstract style with a poetic use of color. 

Both artists use their practice to express and understand themselves as individuals. The two use multifaceted elements of abstraction to give a unique identity to their work—an intimate presence. While Agueznay claims that her work is an extension of herself, for Hajailan, it is about the exploration of his geographic roots. 

The exhibition at Misk Art Institute marks the first time that works from Agueznay and Hajailan have been included in institutional solo shows in Saudi Arabia. In honor of these pivotal artists, this exhibition invites audiences to experience the artworks first-hand, bringing them closer together through a physical and visual experience.

The exhibition will be accompanied by three days of panel discussions, workshops, and opportunities to listen and engage with The Art Library books, artists, and writers. You may find the programming schedule on our Public Programs page.


Misk Art Institute would like to thank Amina Agueznay and the family of Fahad Hajailan for their contribution and invaluable support.