Here, Now

03 Oct 2021

Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall


03 Oct 2021 - 15 Jan 2022


Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall

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'Here, Now' explores the space between the personal and public, between the outside of perception and the inside of intention.

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We are delighted to present ‘Here, Now’, Misk Art Institute’s 3rd annual exhibition curated by Sacha Craddock, assisted by the Institute’s own assistant curators Alia Ahmad Al Saud and Nora Algosaibi. 

This exhibition brings international artists into conversation with local talent, showcasing a variety of media on show including paintings, textiles, sculptures, immersive installations, and digital works.

'Here, Now' strives to provide the audience with the ability to inhabit the space between the artwork and an artist’s intention. Curated by Sacha Craddock, this exhibition of work by Saudi and international artists aims to expose the subtle and various relationships between an artist and the work that they make, as well as the uncharted effect that bringing such different works together may have. 

Without a key to be unlocked, there is no right or wrong interpretation. The relationship to the works in 'Here, Now' goes beyond any simplistic understanding of artistic identity. While the work by each of the 10 artists carries a direct approach, and there is very little art about art, the work does run parallel to some sort of actuality. Art can bring a range of possibilities, considerations, expectations, and languages together.
In a time where virtual information is so readily at hand, the actual experience of an exhibition can be as different and complex as any combination of voice and idea. Of course, contemporary art is, in fact, about so much more than information. With no stated physical progression through or over-determined curatorial narrative, the exhibition is mainly about the way that physical and conceptual considerations can range from side to side, the way that elements can match, as well as jar with, reality. Moving between what the artist thinks and what the audience sees, the infinite range of details and moments in 'Here, Now' will, it is hoped, stimulate and excite individual experience and encourage deep reflection on ourselves.

The exhibition will be accompanied by four days of panel discussions, workshops, and opportunities to listen and engage with participating artists and the curator of the exhibition.  The calendar of events, held both in Arabic and English, will focus on the interpretation, usage, as well as its reaction to and impact on the concept of the artistic creative process. You may find the programing schedule on our Public Programs page.

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