Amine Elmakouti

Amine Elmakouti

Visual artist

(B. 1985, Tetouan)

Amine El Makouti is a visual artist who graduated in 2011 from the National lnstitute of Fine Arts of Tetouan (Morocco) and studied his MA at the School of Arts in Aix -en-Provence, France. 

El Makouti has participated in many national and inter­national exhibitions, artistic installations, video presentations in Morocco and abroad (Spain, France, Netherlands, United states, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and more). 

His work is characterized by the omnipresence of fluorescent colors and black light (UV), as he continues to integrate new technologies. The majority of his work is based on a concept of the body and relation­ship between space and time. El Makouti has done long researches in the sound field in order to create 3D video installations with new combinations of sound and light.