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The Art Library

Discovering Arab Artists

The Art Library is a seminal art publication series dedicated to highlighting some of the most prominent and influential modern and contemporary Arab artists with a special focus on Saudi artists. This initiative aims at creating an accessible and compelling resource that offers readers a comprehensive panorama of the trends that shaped the history of modern and contemporary Arab art.

Misk Art Institute has collaborated with Rizzoli International Publications to realize this pioneering new project with the Deputy for Cultural Assets & Centers and former director general of the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, Mona Khazindar as the publication’s editor. Four books will be released annually focusing on select works in an artist’s career. The series feature contributing essays by leading curators, writers, and specialists, published in Arabic and English.

Abdulrahman Alsoliman: Signs and Symbols

Volume 1

Abdulrahman Alsoliman (born 1954) is one of Saudi Arabia’s most acclaimed artists, currently based in Dammam. During his prolific career, his work has stood out for his deep appreciation for Saudi Arabia’s heritage and culture. Through texts, photos, an interview with the artist, and a magnificent set of works, this volume is an intense exploration of the signs and the colors he uses in his abstract paintings, giving rise to an intricate ornamental style influenced by local tradition and literature.


About the artist: Abdulrahman Alsoliman (b. 1954, Al Ahsa) a post-war contemporary Saudi Arabian painter, currently based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Al-Soliman's work embodies subtle contrasts of color and shade and intricate ornamental work which is often influenced by local culture and literature.

Adam Henein: Charcoal Drawings

Volume 2

Adam Henein (1929–2020) is one of the most renowned and accomplished Arab artists, and a prominent figure in Egypt’s Modernist movement, sculpting bronze, wood, clay, and granite into pure, twisted forms. The artworks collected in this book reveal an intimate aspect of his production through a previously unpublished selection of charcoal drawings he produced over the last two decades. A beautiful and moving immersion into his work.


About the artist: Adam Henein (b.1929 – d. 2020) is an Egyptian artist, born into a family of metalworkers. Henein was a prominent figure in the country's Modernist movement, sculpting bronze, wood, clay, and granite into pure, twisted forms. Henein transforms solid material into ethereal presences through the use of simple lines, capturing the essentials of modernist structures.

Edited by

Dsc 6744
Mona Khazindar

Art historian Mona Khazindar is an expert on Arab visual arts in the modern and contemporary period, formerly director general of the Institute du Monde Arabe to which she was devoted for more than 20 years, and curator of  a large number of very important exhibitions. Mona  Khazindar  is the author of  Visions from  Abroad, Historical and Contemporary Representations of Arabia (Skira, 2019).

The Art Library Exhibition Program


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