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The Pavilion Design Competition is a new initiative by Misk Art Institute to empower local artists, designers, or architects to realize large-scale public projects in the premises of the institute’s newly acquired art center.

With this prize, Misk Art Institute is investing in the resurgence of Saudi public art with sustainable support for public-facing projects and community dialogue.

By creating an addition to Riyadh’s arts calendar, this competition aims to create a framework for cultural development and sets a benchmark for Saudi art and architecture and its impact on the urban landscape.

In opening up public space with visible vestiges of new creations - inspired by present culture - a new type of environment will be created in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Application submissions have ended

Competition Details

This competition is targeted to provide an exciting challenge for new and emerging artists, designers, and architects by providing an opportunity to have their design proposals manufactured and installed in a public space. The Competition provides funding for a proposal to be developed into a built outdoor pavilion. The winning pavilion will be selected by a specialist jury.

The selected proposal will be provided assistance, guidance and support to manufacture their design, which will be installed as a focal point before the end of 2019 in Riyadh.

Proposal Requirements

  • Title
  • Name/s of creator/s
  • Design description including details of the concept (min 300 words)
  • Drawings and/or renders can be included with clear titles and detailed descriptions.
  • Create a gathering place for 30 or more people, providing shade and rain cover
  • Provide an integrated area for a coffee station
  • Include a budget that anticipates all costs of fabrication, transportation, installation, and de-installation.

Entry Rules

  • The competition is open to artists, architects, and designers.
  • Closing date for the completion is 25th of July 2019.
  • Proposals for existing Ideas will not be accepted, the proposal must be for a brand new Idea.
  • The proposal must be for one idea for the one location.
  • The proposal must outline the original work of the named artist/architect/designer and must be submitted by that artist/architect/designer.
  • The artist/architect/designer undertakes that the proposed idea is their own origination and that they hold all moral, intellectual property rights and copyrights in the proposed idea.
  • Proposals should take into consideration the environmental and physical interactions that affect architecture, including: cost of upkeep, weather changes, moisture, local climate, sunlight exposure, audience interactions, and safety.
  • The shortlisted proposal will be reviewed not only on architectural merit, but also on the ability to actually implement to meet cost, timing and health and safety constraints.
  • All decisions made are final and we may suspend, delay, cancel or change the rules at our option at any time and without penalty.


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