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From the studio

virtual studio tours

"Admiring an artwork, one may imagine the artist working their way to bring this piece to life. Creatives work and create in their own private sanctuary, so called studios or workshops. This sacred space may be a room, a corner, or even a table as long as it makes the artist feel comfortable and be inspired. Creatives can arrange their studios any way they desire to feel connected to the space and be able to come out of their shells and get their hands dirty.

“From the Studio” is a series of live videos hosted by Misk ArtInstitute where artists invite us to explore and learn more about how and where art is born. It is a chance to get a better glance at the processes and the tools of creating artwork. It is a new experience where you can dig a little deeper and connect with the artist closely. “From the Studio” is an opportunity to observe and take in the artist's experience and secretes to bring together a space that inspires creativity."


every Wednesday starting from 13th of May, 2020


@miskartinst instagram account


11 pm During Ramadan.

Creative Studios Schedule

Phase 1

  • Tarfa bint Fahad - in conversation with Sultan AlBadran | Wednesday 13th of May, 2020


  • Zaman Jassim - in conversation with Hessah AlAjaji | Wednesday 20th of May, 2020


  • Nawaf AlNassar - in conversation with Hessah AlAjaji | Wednesday 27th of May, 2020


  • Lulwa AlHamood - in conversation with Sultan AlBadran | Wednesday 3rd of June, 2020


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