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What is the Book Art?

Book Art is a relatively modern art when compared to other existing arts, it started in the late twentieth century. It is an art where many disciplines are intertwined, it is not limited to drawing, photography and writing, but it also needs design, directing, printing, collage, paper preparation, stitching and pasting and binding. The artist must be familiar with many of these arts, this experience or knowledge later on prove to be an asset for as it helps with creative decision making process.

Each artwork often has a theme or a basic idea, and it usually is largely reflected on the book cover. The cover, being the first thing the viewer encounters, is what funnels our understanding and analysis of the work.

This art allows the artist to use any kind of material they please, there are no limits or boundaries on the materials that can be used. Some artists may use literary texts of renowned writers or poets, some may create their own texts that explain or elaborate the meaning or subject of the work. The written text however, should not overwhelm the visual display, as the visuals are the core of what Book Art is. Throughout the years, there have been many international art exhibitions the extraordinary creations of Book Art.

Narrative Program:

The program will choose 20 artists from Saudi Arabia, 5 of them will have a chance to showcase their work at the final exhibition. In this program artist will be introduced to Book Art, and they will learn how to apply that knowledge through creating their own.

The program will have three phases:

  • Phase I (12 Jan / 23 Jan):
    • Lectures
  • Phase II (26 Jan / 30 Jan):
    • Workshops
    • Begin working on the artwork
  • Phase III (February):
    • Choosing the top 5
    • Art Exhibition

Terms for applying:

- Emerging artist

- Resident of Saudi Arabia

- Full-time commitment to the program

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