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Land of Mountains

When mountains embrace the clouds in an ancient land with a geographical uniqueness and historical significance, creative artists, whose imagination captures the story of this connection and their work visualizes the beauty of the nature and history of this land, will appear. Only then, the following question will come to our minds:

What is the story behind this land that enjoys artistic and creative wealth, and the love its people have for it?

Al-Hasan Ibn Ahmad Al-Hamdani mentioned in his book “Geography of the Arabian Peninsula” the Land of Asir, which is called the Land of Al-Toud (Mountains).

The land of high mountains... Al-Toud is the great mountain up high in the sky with its colored stones, which echoed the rain songs and represented the shape of Asir’s history over the years.

The nature of Al-Toud Land was mentioned in local poems, where it was associated with poets’ senses and feelings, formed their identities and heritage, and painted their present and future.

Al-Toud Land Exhibition focuses on the concept of time and space role in shaping the identity and history of Asir Region and reviews its heritage, cultural, and artistic potential.

Curator Dr. Effat Abdullah Fadag


Terms of Participation

1. The participating artist should be resident of Asir Region

2. The artist must be +18 years old

3. The artwork should be related to the subject of the Exhibition whether painting, oil painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, digital art, mixed media, video art, and audio art.

4. Attach an image of the work for participation saved in this format (01_last name_first name_2019)

5. Original works only (without hard copies)

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