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“Space: A Tale” is an exhibition celebrating the history of Prince Faisal bin Fahd Fine Arts Gallery in Riyadh, on its 35th anniversary. The Exhibition displays artworks and archival footage documenting the most significant events during the first decade of the Gallery. The Exhibition announces the beginning of a new era in the story of the Gallery and its upcoming role in the Saudi art scene. The Gallery will be reopened under the auspices of Misk Art Institute, with new facilities available for the first time to visitors, artists, and art enthusiasts.

The Exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to view works of artists who participated in the early days of the Gallery's establishment. It displays more than 70 art pieces that were presented at the exhibitions held during the period (1405 AH to 1415 AH). Moreover, it highlights a number of rare archive materials such as footage, newspaper clippings, and copies of brochures and booklets that were thought to be lost. Therefore, visitors will learn about the role played by the Gallery in the advancement of the Fine Arts movement in Riyadh.

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