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Forming Outlines

Online exhibition

Forming Outlines is the result of a three-month research journey led by Fikra's 2019 Designers-in-Residence.

Throughout their time in the residency, the designers conducted design research and delved into an experimental process of making and an intellectual discourse relating to contemporary design practice and visual culture.

The four designers explored different areas of interest by outlining the formation and transformations of systemic realities - they instigate alternative discourses within their respective fields of research.

Layan Attari explores the shifting definitions of patriotism and nationalism in the UAE; Mashael Alshammary explores the documentation of women empowerment in Saudi Arabia; Moylin Yuan researches Informal Financial Transfer Systems (IFTS) known as hawala in the Middle East, and Sara Khalid’s HyperLink is an alternative narrative emerging from Quranic literature.

  • Forming Outlines was first exhibited in Fikra campus on Dec 14, 2019 - Feb 15, 2020.

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