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Reframe Saudi VR Preview

Reframe Saudi is a Virtual Reality documentary film that explores Saudi Arabia from the perspectives of a new generation of contemporary artists. As Saudi Arabia enters a new phase socially and economically, the film transports you to the studios of artists between Jeddah, Abha, and Riyadh. Each of them, through their work, reflects on a different aspect of this transformative historical time.

Art Dubai audiences were invited to experience the Reframe Saudi VR Film, becoming witness to the vivid profusion of cultural narratives shaping life in the changing kingdom. 


Ahaad Alamoudi, image courtesy Matteo Lonardi and CULTURUNNERS

“Our program at Dubai Art Week epitomizes our outlook – documenting cultural histories while instigating innovative contemporary creativity. Celebrating typography alongside Arab modernism, using VR film to grant audiences windows into the working studios of Saudi artists, celebrating artist books and self-publishing alongside the regional launch of a major volume with the Museum of Modern Art, demonstrates our broad commitment to culture in the Arab world. Our vision is to support grassroots artistic production; this requires strong, accessible foundations in our shared cultural past, as well as new opportunities and new platforms for artists working today. It’s exciting to be able to bring this vision so vividly to life at one of the region’s most significant cultural events, through a partnership with Art Dubai and pop-up projects at Alserkal Avenue.”

Ahmed Mater – Director, Misk Art Institute

During Dubai Art Week, Misk Art Institute presented a two-site program of contemporary and modern Arab culture, including:

Reframe Saudi Featured Artists:

  • Dana Awartani
  • Ahmad Angawi
  • Rashed Al Shashai
  • Ajlan Gharem
  • Jameela Mater
  • Ahaad Alamoudi
  • Fatima Jaber
  • Ali Mogawi
  • Ayman Yossri Daydban
  • Latifa Algosaibi

The Impact of VR on Contemporary Art

Panel Discussion

Hosted in the Misk Lounge, the talk explored the use of VR technology by artists, the role of VR in museums and institutions, and the technology’s capacity to connect and engage audiences across geographical and ideological borders. 

Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive experience with the capacity to uniquely generate immediate social and cultural empathy. Artists working with VR have the power to alter production and studio practice radically. Their experimentation has outpaced many other producers working with the medium by focusing on the creation of content that steers conversations away from the purely technical, to explore the intimate, the interpersonal and the imaginative.


  • Marisa Mazria Katz – Editorial Producer at New York’s Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology


  • Ahaad Alamoudi – Artist
  • Matteo Lonardi – VR filmmaker and director of Reframe Saudi
  • Salar Shahna – CEO and Creative Director, World VR Forum
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