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The Global Art Market

in collaboration with Sotheby's Institute of Art

This intensive online course comprises a mix of in-depth lectures, interactive workshops and virtual visits led by Sotheby’s Institute of Art faculty. The goals of the program are to:

  • provide a deeper understanding of the systems, structures, and dynamics that drive the art market and the art manager’s role within them;
  • strengthen knowledge of the latest trends in the art market;
  • develop skills to evaluate the art market and the practices involved in buying and selling art;
  • develop advanced and structured methodological skills in: valuation, data analysis, archival investigation and market research;
  • strengthen ability to analyse, interpret and assess art in its regional context;
  • develop a critical and active awareness of the ethical and legal responsibilities of art businesses;
  • create opportunities to interact directly with experts at auction houses; private and public galleries; logistical, art insurance and investment companies;
  • build greater confidence in engaging with stakeholders in the international art world.

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Please note all content will be presented in English

Course Schedule


Course Leader

Viv Lawes 2
Viv Lawes

Viv Lawes is an art historian, curator, author and journalist with over 25 years’ experience in the art market. She has worked as Senior UK Consultant to Singapore-based Larasati Auctioneers and gallery One East Asia since 2011, introducing the emerging art markets of Southeast Asia to the international audience; in this role she has curated numerous exhibitions of Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art in London, Singapore and Bali, and has lectured on the topic widely. She recently became Head of Education for LACA (London Asian and African Contemporary Art), a multi-platform art event focused on emerging art and artists from Asia and Africa, founded in 2020.

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