Art Gallery Assistant Internship: PhMuseum

02 Sep 2024 - 01 Nov 2024

Bologna, Italy.



02 Sep 2024 - 01 Nov 2024

Register Date

10 Jun 2024 - 27 Jul 2024


Bologna, Italy.

A two-month internship in the heart of Bologna, Italy.

Language: English

Misk Art Institute has partnered with PhMuseum to offer two Saudi artists a two-month internship as gallery assistants during the prestigious, international photography festival "PhMuseum Days," and at "PhMuseum Lab" art gallery, Bologna, Italy.

Led by founder and director of PhMuseum Giuseppe Oliverio and prize-winning photographer and designer Camilla Marrese, this internship offers participants hands-on experience and comprehensive insight into the role of a gallery assistant.

Intern tasks will include:

  • Administrative support

  • Exhibition installation

  • Managing publications

  • Artist liaising & art handling

  • Stakeholder management with key collectors

  • Marketing of events and sale of artworks

  • Gallery maintenance

What we provide

  • Roundtrip flight to Bologna, Italy

  • Accommodation

  • Per diem

  • Visa support

Working hours

Interns are expected to work flexible hours over the course of the internship. Working hours might exceed 8-hours a day on weekends and during the festival but will be compensated with days off.

Who’s it for?

  • Saudi artists, curators, and photographers who are fluent in English.