Watercolor Techniques

Mar 05. 2023 - Mar 09. 2023

Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Arts Hall


Mar 05. 2023 -Mar 09. 2023

Register Date

Feb 11. 2023 - Feb 18 2023


Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Arts Hall

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Refine your watercolor painting skills

7:00 – 10:00 p.m. 

Language: Arabic 

In the first installment of Misk Art Institute’s Public Masterclass Series, artists are taken through a detailed practical approach to using different watercolor techniques. Over the course of five days,

participants will work closely with a skilled art educator to gain a thorough understanding of watercolor techniques, including skills based on light and shadow. 

Learning objectives

  • Learn and practice different watercolor painting techniques

  • Gain a deeper understanding of color temperature 

  • Learn how to approach watercolor painting from start to finish

  • Create your own painting 

On the last day, participants will present their finished painting at a critique session and receive feedback by art professionals. 

Who’s it for?
Intermediate painters who are committed and wish to build upon the fundamental techniques of painting. No formal education is required.


  • Misk Art Institute will not cover flights or accommodation. 

  • Participants are expected to bring their own materials.

Course Leaders

Useful Information

Day One: Introduction & Basic Techniques 

  • Introduction to watercolors

  • How to stretch watercolor paper on a wooden board

  • Wash techniques 

  • Brush techniques

Day Two: Color Temperature Is the Key

  • Light shadow vs. color temperature

  • Color pallet based on deferent approaches

  • Wet-on-dry technique and geometric shapes

Day Three: Practicing Advanced Techniques  

  • Wet-on-wet technique

  • Painting complex shapes (people, cars, plants, etc.)

  • Start constructing your painting

Day Four: Practicing Advanced Techniques

  • Laying down first layer of your painting

  • Level up by the second layer

Day 5: Practicing Advanced Techniques  

  • Apply final layer

  • Finishing techniques

  • Critique session