Blurring Lines: Art & the Creative Industries

Jun 06. 2021

Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall, Riyadh.


Jun 06. 2021 -Jun 30. 2021


Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall, Riyadh.

Blurring Lines: Art & the Creative Industries

For Misk Art Institute’s inaugural edition of Masaha Residency, we welcome you to ‘Blurring Lines’: a celebration centered around the nine Residents’ journey of creativity.

Anchored by the combination of research, ideas, and artistic practices, the Masaha Residency Showcase reflects the Residents’ exploration of fluidity inherent to creative and art spaces. The projects question the links between the arts and cultural dissemination, ranging from an invitation to their art studio, a site-specific installation, or a presentation of their cumulative research.

Serving as a portal of discovery commemorating each Resident’s work and growth during their time here, the Showcase displays the array of reference points that have emerged within the studio spaces and intends to push the boundaries of what can be represented artistically and curatorially.

Between conversations with mentors and each other, material studies, and external experiences, the artists throughout the Residency have had a chance to research, reflect, and act upon multiple points of thoughts—all leading to new forms of engagement with their artistic practice.

Intersecting at the natural world, urban development, individual identity, and cultural paradigms, the discourse generated by the Residents provide a potential site for innovation, collaboration, research, and experimentation beyond the world of art.

This Showcase catalyzes exploration, promotes collaborative opportunities, and supports personal journeys of growth. We hope that you, like the Residents, have an opportunity to reflect upon and appreciate the extraordinary range of experiences, practices, and ideas that emerged here at the Masaha Residency.